Sonia Ali (soniaxfyza) – Instagram Star Dubai Biography

Sonia Ali, one of the most celebrated Instagram Star, comes as the most prestigious and perceived names in the beauty and lifestyle blogging field. Given to her magnificent beauty and looks, she is regularly been contrasted with acclaimed Hollywood reality star Kim Kardashian, who is additionally a prestigious business character, entertainer and model.

Launching her career filled with some great accomplishments at an early age.

Sonia Ali was born on 30th December, 1994 in the city of London, England and completed the greater part of her primary and secondary education in the UK. Being exceptionally dazzled and fascinated by the fashion and beauty world, Sonia marked her entry into the fashion and beauty blogging world She has gotten some large prevalence among her fans for all the amazing beauty tips and fashion suggestions. Being a dedicated and talented individual, Sonia consistently worked towards keeping the right balance between her passion and education, and got herself registered for a law degree in the UK. During her days at the school, she likewise kept on with her enthusiasm towards fashion blogging, or giving handy tips for beauty which were highly welcomed by everybody around.

Subsequent to wrapping up with her schooling, Sonia moved to Kuwait to spend some quality time with her friends and family. Besides spending the good times with her family in Kuwait, she kept working for her aspirations and ambitions in the fashion and beauty world. With all the dedication and skill set, she procured the tag for being perhaps the most eminent fashion and beauty bloggers around the globe.

Transitioning from a law student to a Fashion Icon in no time

With all the great work and assurance, Sonia Ali Dubai has kick started her own social media blogs and pages to assist people around with all the helpful beauty tips and fashion tips. She further held hands with her sister Fyza Ali, the founder and organizer of Buffing technique, via web-based media, particularly on instagram. Indeed the two of them ended up being the first and only ladies in the Middle East region at the time that launched promotions related to their work on social media.

Consequently, they left no stone unturned to mark their journey towards the top and this is the place where the majority of the top of the line celebs began reaching Sonia and Fyza to get benefitted from their work. To make her profession arrive at greater skylines, Sonia moved to Dubai. She is demonstrating her ability in similar industry for quite a while at this point and filling in as a major epitome of motivation and strength for all the ladies by means of her successful fashion and beauty tips while further banding together with her sister.

Right within a very young age, Sonia Ali (24 years of age) has demonstrated her talent and skillset in the fashion and beauty industry with all the remarkable work and right now she is giving a solid competition to all the big names in the fashion industry.

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